Communication and Media Studies Fall 2024 Courses

Below is a list of upper-level courses available to students for the Fall 2024 semester. 

COM 274 Black Popular Culture

Dr. Aisha Lockridge

The Association of Popular Culture has held an annual conference since 1971 and yet the subject area of black popular culture is relatively new. It seems, however, that W.E.B Dubois' was writing about it as early as his 1897 essay "The Problem of Amusement." We will begin our study there and trace the trajectory of the development of Black Popular Culture in the United States in film, media, and fiction.


COM 453 Visual Design II

Dr. Rachael Sullivan

In this course, students will develop a graphic design portfolio and deepen their knowledge of typography, color theory, the graphic design profession, and more. As a communications course, it emphasizes rhetorical dimensions of design, including purpose and audience. During the creative process, students will move through phases of research, planning, drafting, feedback, revision, and reflection - with an emphasis on sketching as a means of paying attention and gathering inspiration. Class projects may include branding materials, illustrations, posters, and magazine layouts for both print and digital formats. The primary goal of the course is to produce portfolio-quality work in graphic design and to build on skills and concepts covered in previous courses. Students should have at least a working knowledge of Adobe software products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

COM 460 Health Communication Advocacy

Dr. Briana Ozalas

This course will address the topic of health as it is enacted and defined within the discipline of communication studies. This course systematically explores and elaborates key concepts, principles, and underlying theories pertinent to public health communication campaigns and advocacy practices. Specifically, this course will provide students with conceptual and applied knowledge about communication interactions and its effects on health care, health practitioners, and patients. Topics include but are not limited to patient-provider interaction, social and cultural issues of health, mass media representations of health and healthy behaviors, and communication within health organizations.

Com 473 Courageous Conversations

Dr. Joanna Jenkins

In today's rapidly evolving environment, the ability to engage in courageous conversations is critically important to communication and relationships. This course is designed to empower learners to navigate sensitive, complex, and sometimes difficult discussions effectively and inclusively. Learners will explore knowledge and skills to foster open dialogue, resolve conflict, increase rapport, develop perspective taking and contribute to more understanding communities. Through exploring communication strategies, collaboration styles, cultural competence, listening skills, self-reflection, and real-world issues, learners will become more confident and compassionate communicators in the 21st century. 

COM ILC Courses

ARH 103 Art of Africa/African Diaspora

ARH 107 Women, Gender, Art 

ARH 208 Modern Art & Architecture

ECN 375 Environmental Economics

GDS 190 Fundamentals of Graphic Design

HIS 386 American Environmental History

MTF 191 Intro to Film

SOC 207 Juvenile Justice

SOC 253 Race and Social Justice