Communication and Media Studies Spring 2023 Courses

Below is a list of upper level courses available to students in the Spring 2023 semester. 

COM 371 SL1 Civic Media

This class offers a unique opportunity to have meaningful discussions about a range of topics from inside a correctional facility. Inside-Out classes bring together students from Saint Joseph's University and adult students who are incarcerated to learn about and discuss topics such as the causes of crime, racism, literature, philosophy, and restorative justice. Through the readings and dialogue, inside and outside students will be able to integrate their theoretical knowledge with lived experiences. It is through this exchange that we hope to critically analyze and challenge the current system in the U.S. that has resulted in a higher incarceration rate than other similar countries.

*Faith Justice Course, Service Learning Course, Justice-Ethics in the Law Course

COM 442 Non-Profit Communications with the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative 

Not-for-profit and community-based organizations rely on strategic digital communication to create positive social change. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of communication theories and practices while conducting research projects with local organizations through the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative. Those who complete this course will know how to apply a variety of social media theories and practices to help organizations achieve their communication goals. Students in the course will actively participate as a member of a project team to complete projects with clients in the Greater Philadelphia area and, from time to time, beyond. Local travel is required.

*Writing Intensive

COM 453 Advanced Design

In this course, students will develop a graphic design portfolio and deepen their knowledge of typography, color theory, the graphic design profession, and more. As a communications course, it emphasizes rhetorical dimensions of design, including purpose and audience. During the creative process, students will move through phases of research, planning, drafting, feedback, revision, and reflection-with an emphasis on sketching as a means of paying attention and gathering inspiration. Class projects may include branding materials, illustrations, posters, and magazine layouts for both print and digital formats. The primary goal of the course is to produce portfolio-quality work in graphic design and to build on skills and concepts covered in previous courses. Students should have a working knowledge of vector graphics, photo editing, and document design using software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or similar programs. Qualified students may seek instructor approval

COM 460 Health Communication Advocacy 

This course will address the topic of health as it is enacted and defined within the discipline of communication studies. This course systematically explores and elaborates key concepts, principles, and underlying theories pertinent to public health communication campaigns and advocacy practices. Specifically, this course will provide students with conceptual and applied knowledge about communication interactions and its effects on health care, health practitioners, and patients. Topics include but are not limited to patient-provider interaction, social and cultural issues of health, mass media representations of health and healthy behaviors, and communication within health organizations.

COM 473 Black Popular Culture

The Association of Popular Culture has held an annual conference since 1971 and yet the subject area of Black Popular culture is relatively new. It seems, however, that W.E.B DuBois’ was writing about it as early as his 1897 essay “The Problem of Amusement.” We will begin our study there and trace the trajectory of the development of Black Popular culture in the United States in film, media, and fiction. 

*Writing Intensive


COM 473 Race, Identity & Communications

An introduction to various approaches for understanding the dynamics of cultural competence in communications. Students will explore the variety of cultural shifts made visible through interaction with communications media, identity, race and changing demographics. The course aims to foster critical thinking about how cultural competence shapes and influences our understanding of the world and behaviors in the communications workplace. Introductory concepts to cultural competency will be introduced through discussions and case studies in emotional intelligence, equity, and best practices for imagery, language and narratives in media.


COM 480 Senior Capstone  (replacement for COM 472)

This required course provides department majors an opportunity to propose, plan, create and present a project to demonstrate what they have learned during their time at the university. The course focuses on an individual, semester-long creative and/or research project. The project scope and logistics will be negotiated between the student and instructor. The project is designed to serve as a transition from undergraduate to professional work and/or graduate school. The course includes a public presentation at the end of the semester.  *This course is restricted to Seniors

COM Integrative Learning Course (ILC) Requirements 

ARH 103

ARH 107

ARH 209

ARH 212

ECN 475

HIS 385

HIS 387

LIN 200 

MTF 191

MTF 192

MTF 291

MTF 294

PHL 262

POL 117

POL 319

REL 327

SOC 206

SOC 377

THE 372