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Department of English, Writing and Journalism

The Department of English, Writing and Journalism is dedicated to providing the skills necessary for students to become articulate communicators who can analyze situations, express opinions and solve problems. Our programs introduce students to many forms of literary expression, critical thinking and communication. 

The Department of English, Writing and Journalism at Saint Joseph's University helps students translate their interests and passions for writing, reading or communication into a career. Our department's academic programs, small classes, close advising, individualized instruction, discussion-oriented seminars and writing workshops provide a personal atmosphere for learning. 

There is not a field in which language skills are not in demand, and English majors fit the bill. Some English majors pursue graduate studies in literature and language on the path to becoming teachers and professors while others establish successful careers in law, journalism, library science, editing, advertising, public relations, social media management, civil service, business and so much more.


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Inspired by The Paris Review's "Writers at Work" series, students in our English courses have interviewed and written on a variety of editors across the U.S.

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Alumni Spotlight

Bria Ragin

I always wanted to go into publishing. Being an English major at Saint Joseph's really helped me make connections in that field to get jobs. I landed in the right spot in publishing for the editorial field and would love to continue on this track. I want to work up this ladder and produce more diverse books that younger people can relate to."

Bria Ragin

Bria Ragin '15

Editor, Penguin Publishing Group

Vanessa Constantinidis

I am so grateful for my Jesuit education; I feel like I was able to take a variety of courses that enabled me to see the world through different perspectives. With my two undergraduate majors and a graduate degree in writing studies, I felt prepared to enter the professional world and lead others."

Vanessa Constantinidis

Vanessa Constantinidis '13, '16 (M.A.)

Associate Director of Enrollment for North America, ACT

Madeleine Keogh

My education at Saint Joseph's University taught me to be a stronger writer which has helped me every day in my work as a grant writer. My work in the writing center taught me how to be a better editor and the importance of having someone review your work."

Madeleine Keogh

Madeleine Keogh '15

Grants Manager, Houston Endowment

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