Spring 2021 Department News


  • Katie Oxx, Ph.D. has been appointed director of a new certificate program in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) that was established in October 2020. The transcriptable four-course interdisciplinary certificate can be completed by students in conjunction with any major across the university. 
  • James O’Sullivan, Ph.D. is chairing the SJU Working Group for the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) Art Project. The Campaign’s fundamental concept is to make a broad public commitment to the SDGs visually (through the display of murals), intellectually (through research and writing), substantively (through various activities and support for organizations actually doing the work of the several goals) and ultimately in the form of an illustrated and annotated catalog summarizing the Campaign.
  • Aaron K. Reich, Ph.D. contributed three database entries for the Chinese Religious Text Authority (CRTA):
    • Zhujie zhen tiefu 諸階鎮貼符 [Various Classes of Adhesive Talismans for Suppressing Demons]
    • Zhujie huolei dafa 諸階火雷大法 [Various Classes of the Great Methods of Fire Thunder]
    • Qidao zhujie mizhi 祈禱諸階秘旨 [Various Classes of Secret Instructions for Prayer


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