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Reasons to Become a Kinney SCHOLAR

From leadership roles to appreciation events, there are many reasons to become a SCHOLAR. Megan Armbruster gives her reasons why she loves her job as a Kinney SCHOLAR! 


by Megan Armbruster

A workplace like no other

Since I’ve started working at the Kinney Center in Fall 2021, I’ve been shown nothing but love and support from all of the amazing staff and graduate assistants, training me for my future career. They give me that extra confidence boost when I need it, and never fail to encourage me to push harder. If you work at Kinney, you’ll never have to worry about feeling alone.From full time staff members to graduate assistants to case managers to your fellow SCHOLARs are here to support you! 

Come as you are

From practicum students to business majors, everyone is welcomed at Kinney. You don’t have to be an Autism Behavioral Studies major/minor to benefit from this experience.  The ability to work on interdisciplinary teams is essential in today’s workforce.

Oh the places you’ll go
At Kinney, you get so many amazing opportunities to experience new things. There’s a wide range of programs to choose from, and each program is special in its own way. I personally have worked the Day Program, the ASPIRE peer mentoring program, and the Sports and Recreation program. Each provided me with new skill sets and allowed me to build on the core competencies that Kinney instills throughout all programming. 

SCHOLARS just want to have FUN

Everyone at the Kinney Center LOVES to have fun! Whether it's dancing with my clients to cool jams to celebrating every holiday and birthday, Kinney never misses an opportunity to come together as a community. It's the best feeling ever to see the smile on your clients’ face when they are having a blast…. I promise you’ll have a smile on your face too! 

Kinney appreciates YOU

Every month there is a SCHOLAR appreciation event that is simply to recognize all the hard work you do! In the past semesters, we’ve done Friendsgiving, a Christmas gift exchange, shirt tye-dying, and so much more! Did I mention the free food?!? It’s the ultimate win - win. 

Experience neurodiversity in a new way

At Kinney, you learn how to be an ally to individuals with autism spectrum disorder, disabilities, and special needs. Working in such a diverse environment opens your eyes and broadens your lens beyond neurotypical. Diminish stereotypes by being in community with your neurodiverse peers. Remember…when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met ONE person with autism.

Growth with the flow

From lead SCHOLAR to case managers, there are many opportunities to earn leadership roles at the Kinney Center! This gives you the opportunity to test your skills in an elevated role, build your resume, and is a good way to immerse yourself in all the great things that come along with being a leader. Kinney is here to help build the leader and advocates of tomorrow… are you one of them?!?