Business Intelligence and Analytics M.S.

Saint Joseph's master of science in business intelligence and analytics (MSBIA) prepares students to be leaders in their organizations as graduates are relied upon to make sense of their organization's data and identify new opportunities to better serve customers and/or to identify issues that need to be addressed. The knowledge gained from the Philadelphia region's only BIA graduate program sets graduates apart from their peers as they develop the skills most sought by senior leadership in this data-driven business environment.

The program is designed for students who are interested in using data to advance their organization's strategic priorities. Through this program, students will develop analytic skills across diverse industries. As organizations seek to create value from the exponentially growing amount of data, they need leaders with strong analytical capabilities to understand this data for smarter decisions and, thereby, improve performance. Saint Joseph's MSBIA program prepares students to meet this demand.

Graduates of the M.S. in Business Intelligence and Analytics Program are equipped with advanced business credentials, a SAS Certificate and solid skills to allow them to become leaders within their teams, departments and organizations.

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