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4+1 Degree Programs

Start Earning a Graduate Degree During Your Senior Year

A Saint Joseph’s education is designed to help prepare you for the future by offering programs and opportunities to set you up for success. This includes our 4+1 programs, which allow you to start earning a master's degree or MBA while you are an undergraduate student at Saint Joseph's.

Virtual Information Sessions

You might have questions about the process of applying and enrolling in a 4+1 program, or how it can help you in your career after graduation. We host virtual information sessions throughout the year to walk you through the benefits and options. Please check back here for more details.

4+1 Degree Options

4+1 master's degree and MBA programs are offered across all three schools, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Haub School of Business and the School of Health Professions. Programs include:

  • Saint Joseph’s University’s online ABA master’s degree is designed for individuals with a background in education or the social sciences who are interested in becoming Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). However, anyone with an interest in learning about positive behavioral interventions and support can also benefit from this program.

    Explore the Applied Behavior Analysis MS 4+1 Program

  • The Master of Arts in biology program at Saint Joseph’s University is designed for students looking to advance their careers and opportunities across many professional settings. The Biology MA program, which can be completed full time or part-time, exposes you to all levels of biological organization, from the sub-cellular to the broad ecosystem. 


    Explore the Biology MA 4+1 Program

  • The Department of Biology at Saint Joseph's University offers a program leading to the Master of Science (MS) in biology. The M.S. program is a thesis-based, full-time program and designed to be completed within two years. Undergraduate students enrolled at Saint Joseph’s University with majors in biology or environmental science may be able to complete a combined 5-year BS / MS degree.

    Explore the Biology MS 4+1 Program

  • The business intelligence and analytics programs provide students with general business skills, knowledge and experience in the theory of decision making, process analysis, database management and more. The program is designed to enhance your skill set so that you are fundamentally better equipped to succeed in a data-intensive world.

    Explore the Business Intelligence & Analytics, MS 4+1 Program

  • The Clinical Mental Health Counseling MS program at Saint Joseph’s University will prepare you to work as a licensed counselor serving clients, including individuals and families, who struggle with addiction, relational difficulties, self-harm, thoughts of suicide and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.

    *Due to the number of credits required to complete this program, this option is a 4+2 program. 

    Explore the Clinical Mental Health Counseling MS 4+2 Program

  • The MS in Computer Science prepares students to hold professional and technical positions in a variety of industries while offering a comprehensive approach to advanced study in computer science.

    Explore the Computer Science MS 4+1 Program

  • For over twenty years, the MS in criminal justice at Saint Joseph’s University has been at the forefront of education in intelligence-led policing and criminal justice administration. Our program allows you to create a unique plan of graduate study that is compatible with your interests and career objectives in both the public and private sectors.

    Explore the Criminal Justice MS 4+1 Program

  • The Master of Science in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy (DDIP) at Saint Joseph’s University’s historic Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (PCP) provides students with the experience necessary to learn the science and practice of how drug delivery systems are developed.

    Explore the Drug Development & Industrial Pharmacy MS 4+1 Program

  • The Master of Science in art education (PK-12) is a 30-credit program that offers a unique opportunity for individuals to advance their development as artists while sharing their love of art with students. The art education curriculum allows you to explore artistic ideas in studios and in the classroom, with 12 hours of student teaching.

    Explore the Art Education MS 4+1 Program

  • At Saint Joseph's University, elementary education is approached as a passionate career vocation. Aspiring elementary school teachers not only learn how to manage a classroom and effectively teach, but also how their roles as educators make a difference in their communities.

    Explore the Elementary Education MS 4+1 Program

  • With a master's degree in foreign language education from Saint Joseph's University, you'll be equipped with the skills, knowledge nd background necessary to pursue a successful career as a foreign language teacher at the elementary, middle or high school level. The 4+1 program applies to the following language concentrations: French, Italian and Spanish.

    Explore the Foreign Language Education MS 4+1 Program

  • The reading specialist program at Saint Joseph's University welcomes students across several non-education fields of study, such as English, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, theology and art and music, who wish to add an initial reading specialist certification (PK-12) to their degrees. The program is also for PK-4, 4-8 or 7-12 education majors who would like additional expertise in reading/literacy to address the highly individual literacy needs of their students.

    Explore the Education MS Reading Specialist 4+1 Program

  • If you're not currently majoring in education, but have an interest in teaching, adding a 4+1 in Secondary Education is a great option. This program allows you to focus on the following subject areas:

    • Biology
    • Citizenship
    • Chemistry
    • English
    • Social Studies
    • Mathematics

    Explore the Secondary Education MS 4+1 Program

  • Saint Joseph’s University's innovative Special Education MS curriculum is designed to develop and refine competencies in professional educators in order to meet the demands of teaching students with special needs in a variety of school environments, public and private, urban and suburban.

    Explore the Special Education PK-12 MS 4+1 Program

  • At Saint Joseph's University, the Finance curriculum spans a broad range of topics that affect individuals, organizations, and society. Students learn how businesses and governments raise money, select investments, and manage resources.

    Explore the Finance MS 4+1 Program

  • Saint Joseph’s University’s Food Marketing MBA is a one-of-a-kind program with a 25+ year tradition at an AACSB-accredited business school. With a Food Marketing MBA, you will be an agile leader with the business acumen and industry knowledge to lead your organization through future trends and shifts of the industry and consumer behaviors.

    Explore the Food Marketing MBA 4+1 Program

  • Saint Joseph’s University’s Master of Science in food marketing is designed for rising leaders in various food-related enterprises looking to expand their industry knowledge and grow as critical-thinking leaders as they study the shifts and trends of the food and beverage industry. You will learn from industry experts and in a community of professionals who are as eager to dive into the industry as you in Philly’s only food marketing program.

    Explore the Food Marketing MS 4+1 Program

  • Saint Joseph’s University's marketing program provides students with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to stand out from the crowd in today’s ever-changing and challenging marketplace.

    Explore the Marketing MS 4+1 Program

  • Saint Joseph's MBA model is the first and only in Philadelphia to allow you to fully customize your experience. Our stackable, three-certificate model lets you choose two specializations in addition to a core MBA set of courses. Take them in any order, at your own pace, with the added flexibility of choosing online or on-campus options. The 4+1 is an available option to all current Saint Joseph's students with a business major. 

    Explore the 4+1 MBA Program

  • The top-ranking Master of Science in Professional Accountancy at Saint Joseph’s University will help you advance in today's data-rich environment while also earning the skills needed to sit for the CPA exam. Saint Joseph’s 30-credit MS program can be completed online or on campus.

    Explore the MS in Professional Accountancy 4+1 Program

  • The Organization Development and Leadership MS (ODL) from Saint Joseph’s University is designed for professionals who want to lead change and create a company culture. With four unique, career-focused concentrations, you can customize your master's degree in ODL to your interests. The ODL 4+1 program is available to all current Saint Joseph's students with a business major. 

    Explore the Organization Development and Leadership MS (ODL) 4+1 Program

  • The pharmaceutical program at Saint Joseph's University provides students with a thorough understanding of efficient clinical research, innovation and understanding of complex healthcare costs. Because the landscape is constantly changing, Saint Joseph’s University provides pharmaceutical marketing majors with an elite faculty boasting past industry and active consulting experience.

    Explore the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing MBA 4+1 Program

  • Build your mastery of how drugs and chemicals work and be in the front lines of drug innovation with a pharmacology and toxicology graduate degree. You’ll gain a solid knowledge foundation and hands-on research skills to pursue toxicology careers and pharmacologist careers in academia, private industry or public service.

    Pharmacology and Toxicology MS 4+1 Program

  • A master’s in pharmaceutics program at Saint Joseph’s University provides you the experience necessary to improve how drugs are administered, helping you pave the way for new administration methods.

    Explore the Pharmaceutics MS 4+1 Program

  • Saint Joseph's master’s of social work program prepares students to address the increasing needs for social, emotional and behavioral support in a variety of environments in our region and nationwide

    *Due to the number of credits required to complete this program, this option is a 4+2 program. 

    Explore the Social Work MSW 4+2 Program

  • The Master of Science in Strategic Human Resource Management program at Saint Joseph's University supports your aspirations to differentiate yourself from your peers with an advanced business degree that delivers crucial human capital skills that can be deployed across all areas of an organization.

    Explore the Strategic Human Resource Management MS 4+1 Program

  • Whether you’re looking to write a book, grow your career as a technical or professional writer, study literature, build a portfolio for a PhD or MFA application, or add a layer of professional development to your current training, the MA in Writing Studies program offers a unique academic experience.

    Explore the Writing Studies MA 4+1 Program

Adult Learning Program at Saint Joseph's University



The process for enrolling in a 4+1 program typically starts during your junior year. You are encouraged to express interest in 4+1 with your adviser who can help determine which program is best for your goals and can review your options for double counting credits toward your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

You should attend information sessions offered by the graduate program enrollment teams or reach out to them for specific application questions. There may be some unique process or requirement elements depending on the program, but overall the process has three easy steps:

  1. Talk with your adviser
  2. Complete the application by May 15*
  3. Apply for Financial Aid

Note: for 4+1 students there is NO application fee when applying for graduate programs.

*The deadline has been extended to May 15. Please reach out to your advisor if you are interested in applying past the deadline.

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Financial Aid &
Discount Eligibility


Financial Aid and Discount Eligibility

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Alumni Discount

Alumni Discount

All current students are eligible for the Saint Joseph’s University 10% alumni discount on graduate programs. There are also scholarships and graduate assistantships available for some graduate programs that offer 4+1.

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

If you are receiving financial aid for your undergraduate degree, you may also be eligible to receive aid to continue your education with a graduate degree during that additional +1 year.

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Applying for Aid

Applying for Aid

To apply for financial aid for your graduate degree, you should:

  • Fill out your FAFSA
  • Contact the graduate office for info about scholarships and graduate assistantships
  • Reach out to the Financial Aid Office with any questions

Contact Us

If you are a current student at Saint Joseph’s, the graduate admission team are ready to work with you and answer any questions you or your family may have about 4+1 offerings. If you're an incoming or prospective Hawk, the undergraduate admission team can talk with you about which majors offer 4+1 options.