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Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (CARE)

At a time when almost half of Americans’ lives have been affected by addiction, Saint Joseph’s University formed the Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (CARE) to address one of the nation’s most pressing issues and confront the stigma of substance use disorder through a strategic four-part mission: educate healthcare providers and the community, conduct interdisciplinary research on addiction issues, advocate for effective public policy, and activate community engagement.

Making an impact on addiction and recovery takes more than the efforts of any one group. CARE focuses on fostering meaningful dialogue and creating action by engaging a diverse but interrelated group of stakeholders.




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Saint Joseph’s University Awarded $1.2M Grant from Pennsylvania Department of Health for First Responder Education and Training


 of American families have been affected by addiction (Pew, 2017)


Americans experienced substance use disorder in 2018 (SMHSA, 2018)


Philadelphians died from an overdose in 2018 (Philadelphia Department of Public Health, 2018)


of college students report binge drinking in the past month (NSDUH, 2017)

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CARE educates the community about the impact of addiction; empower stakeholders to address one of the nation’s most pressing issues; and confront the stigma of substance use disorder.

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The passionate team of CARE strives to address complex issues of addiction and promote recovery through education, research, policy and community engagement.

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Explore the many programs and resources available to those seeking assistance or education for substance use disorder.

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