Safe Zone Training

What is Safe Zone Training?

The Safe Zone program builds a network of supportive members of the campus community who strive to create inclusive spaces for all students. The Safe Zone Training, in particular, raises awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community through the lens of the ally. This training provides a comprehensive overview of the issues impacting the LGBTQIA+ community and students on our campus. It is imperative as all of our students have the right to live and learn in an inclusive and respectful environment.

How Does It Work?

Safe Zone Training is open to all students, faculty and staff at Saint Joseph’s. Participants will work through their own identities and experiences and engage with current terminology to better relate to LGBTQIA+ people. This training consists of self-reflective activities, common misconceptions and applicable ways to make everyday interactions inclusive for all members of our community.

How Can I Register for a Safe Zone Training?

You can check this page to find more information about our next training.

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What is the Safe Zone sign?

You may see a “Safe Zone” sign (pictured below) on campus. This is a visual indicator that the person displaying the sign has gone through a Safe Zone Training or is an LGBTQIA+ ally. If you are in a Safe Zone, you are able to talk freely, and you’re in the company of an ally. If you are in need of a sign, you can contact Dr. Kim Allen-Stuck.

Safe Zone Logo

How Can I Find a Safe Zone?

You can view our list of faculty and staff members who have gone through the Safe Zone training. Faculty and staff can also update their Safe Zone listing.



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Since 2001, Saint Joseph’s University has offered its students, faculty and staff an opportunity to learn what it means to be an ally to members of the LGBTQIA+ community.