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Department of Computer Science

The computer science department is dedicated to preparing students for a professional career in the computer industry or for graduate study. Students work in a variety of high technology industries including defense, pharmaceutical and information technology.

The Department of Computer Science is dedicated to equipping students with the tools necessary to become analytical problem solvers. Much of what a computer scientist does involves finding ways to make computers complete useful and interesting tasks. An ability to see the large-scale structure of a problem, a measure of persistence and attention to detail, will be rewarded with the satisfaction of making something work. Few inventions have had as much impact on modern life as the computer. Many fields of human endeavor have changed, and are changing, beyond all recognition as a result of the use of computers. A degree in computer science allows you to share in the excitement of a rapidly developing field.

Classes are taught by distinguished computer science faculty who bring their applicable experience working in the field and apply that knowledge directly in the classroom. Classes are small and student-focused, allowing for one-on-one interaction between students and faculty and close mentorship.


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Computer science faculty are dedicated to sharing their experience working in computer science and IT and helping students succeed.

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The Offline Observer provides department updates, student news, and maintains a connection with alumni. The newsletter is published in fall and spring each academic year.  

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Artificial Intelligence’s Role in the Future of Health Care — And What That Means for PrivacyBabak Forouraghi, Ph.D., professor and chair of the computer science program at Saint Joseph's, writes about what the rise of AI means for patient privacy, liability and cybersecurity. 

University Expands 4+1 Programs, Allowing Students to Earn Accelerated Master's Degrees in 16 Programs: At Saint Joseph's University, students can earn a graduate degree in less time through the University’s 4+1 program, now offered across 16 different plans of study, including computer science.

Composers and Coders: Twin Brothers Combined Their Passions on Hawk HillTwin brothers, Dylan and Dustin Dinh '20, use their double major in computer science and music to develop their capstone project: a video game that takes place in a fantasy world filled with magic, witches, wizards and monsters.

How Average Consumers Can Combat COVID-19 Cyber Threats: Babak Forouraghi, Ph.D., Saint Joseph’s University professor and chair of the computer science department, discusses how our reliance on technology could lead to cybersecurity threats and offers advice on how to ensure virtual communications remain safe and secure.

Communication, Collaboration and Time Management: Lessons from the Co-op ExperienceAnna-Maria Berezovski '21, a computer science and Asian studies double major, describes working for software company SAP in a co-op experience where she delved into image detection and machine learning — two hot topics in today’s technology world.

Five Things You Should Know About SJU’s M.S. in Cybersecurity Program: Babak Forouraghi, Ph.D., program director and chair of computer science, talks about the University's fully online master's program in cybersecurity and important information for potential applicants.

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Alumni Spotlight

Luigi Nunez '17

Saint Joseph’s has instilled in me a passion for pursuing social justice. My fellowship as an e-learning officer with the Program for Accessible Health Communication and Education (PACE) will allow me to combine that passion with my talents for mathematics and computer science to bring about justice in a truly holistic way.”

Luigi Nunez '17
Luigi Nunez '17

Digital Health and Monitoring Advisor, Population Services International

Sarah Cooney wearing glasses and a red shirt

I want to take what I have learned about mathematics and computer science and use it to help people and affect positive change in the world.”

Sarah Cooney wearing glasses and a red shirt
Sarah Cooney '17

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science, USC

ather sharif

At Saint Joseph’s, I was surrounded by people with positive attitudes. My professors went out of their way to accommodate me."

ather sharif
Ather Sharif '16 (M.S.)

Software Engineer, Comcast

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