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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Saint Joseph's University shapes its mission around the classical and modern aspects of the discipline, emphasizing both the practical and the theoretical. The department seeks to train students to be careful, precise and mature thinkers. Faculty members strive to give students the intellectual preparation needed to apply what they have learned, communicate it to others and continue their education for the rest of their lives.

The Department of Mathematics aims to impart four levels of knowledge on students: cultural enrichment, training in specific skills that inform the practical side of mathematics, professional preparation for students who choose careers as mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries or educators and experience in research and independent work at the undergraduate level.

Our curriculum has a deeper goal than just the communication of specific knowledge. Success in mathematics requires a trained mind, one that can analyze abstractions and think logically and clearly. In our department, we believe that such clarity of thought can be taught, so we have designed the curricula with this aim in mind; for a student who is not a strong clear thinker cannot carry away enthusiasm for the subject and cannot continue to learn on their own. 



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Mathematics Degree Programs

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News and Announcements

STEM Educator Institute Finds a Home on Hawk HillThe Philadelphia Regional Institute for STEM Educators, or PRISE, has made its new home on Saint Joseph’s campus. This new institute, with members from multiple colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area, focuses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teacher retention in high-need school districts. In this article, Tetyana Berezovski, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, explains the importance of having resources for STEM educators.

First Cohort Begins New STEM2 Program: Saint Joseph’s launched a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics program called STEM2 (pronounced STEM squared) that was created to provide access to education and a career path to leadership roles for students from groups that are traditionally underrepresented: lower-income, first-generation college students and students of color.

From Whiteboard to iPad: Teaching Math VirtuallyWhen it came time for students to take Saint Joseph’s math classes in a virtual environment during the pandemic, Sam Smith, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, found innovative ways to use technology to mimic the techniques he employs to make math accessible in a traditional setting. 

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Alumni Spotlight

patrick leininger '19

The mathematics and actuarial science courses I took at Saint Joseph's prepared me very well for [the actuarial field]. It's nice to see what you learn in the classroom and then actually apply it to real-world situations."

patrick leininger '19

Patrick Leininger '19

Actuarial Analyst, Excess Reinsurance Underwriters, Inc.

Sarah Cooney wearing glasses and a red shirt

I want to take what I have learned about mathematics and computer science and use it to help people and affect positive change in the world. I do have a lifelong love of learning, so I am also quite excited to tackle the new challenges ahead.”

Sarah Cooney wearing glasses and a red shirt

Sarah Cooney '17

Ph.D. in Computer Science, USC

Luigi Nunez '17

Saint Joseph’s has instilled in me a passion for pursuing social justice. My fellowship as an e-learning officer with the Program for Accessible Health Communication and Education (PACE) will allow me to combine that passion with my talents for mathematics and computer science to bring about justice in a truly holistic way.”

Luigi Nunez '17

Luigi Nunez '17

Digital Health and Monitoring Advisor, Population Services International

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