Languages and Linguistics Faculty Full Time

Full time faculty within the Department of Languages and Linguistics have received several prestigious fellowships and are well-established experts in language, culture, history and more. Faculty members are dedicated to providing an interactive, learner-centered environment that allows students to actively participate in the curriculum and make significant use of digital media and current events.

Thomas Buckley, PhD

Assistant Professor, German


Bellarmine 311

Kristin Burr, Ph.D.

Professor and Co-Director of Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies Program

Bellarmine 320
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Jennifer Cotler

Visiting Instructor, College of Arts and Sciences: Modern and Classical Languages
BE 313A

Robert Daniel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Bellarmine 111
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Jennifer Ewald, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Linguistics Program

Bellarmine 330 B

Paola Giuli, PhD

Associate Professor of Italian

Bellarmine 321
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Kristi Grimes, PhD

Co-Director of Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies Program

Associate Professor


Bellarmine 121
Heather Hennes

Heather Hennes, PhD

Director of Latin American and Latinx Studies Program

Professor of Spanish

Bellarmine 307

Maria Marsilio, PhD

Professor and Director of Classical Studies

Bellarmine Hall 309

Claudia Paez Lotero, PhD

Assistant Professor

Bellarmine Hall 313B

Elaine Shenk, PhD

Professor of Spanish and Chair of Languages and Linguistics Department

Bellarmine 305
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Enrique Tellez-Espiga, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Spanish

Bellarmine Hall 308

Theresa Zmurkewycz

Coordinator of Spanish Language Program

Bellarmine 306