Department of Physician Assistant Faculty Full Time

Our full time faculty have conducted extensive research in patient assessment, cardiology, psychiatry, surgery, emergency medicine and more, and provide guidance and mentorship to PA students.

Headshot of Allison Williams
Allison Williams, M.S.P.A.S., PA-C

Chair & Program Director

IPEX 216
Sarah Kellet, MS
Sarah Kellett, MS, PA-C

Clinical Assistant Professor

IPEX 212
Headshot of Maria Long
Maria Long, DMS

Assistant Professor

Director of Clinical Education

IPEX 0207
Anthony Roselli headshot
Anthony Roselli, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Medical Director, Department of Physician Assistant Studies

IPEX, Room 216
Gerald Smith MS, MPH, PA-C
Gerry Smith, DMSc, MPH, PA-C

Vice Chair & Associate Program Director

IPEX 217
Amera Strand
Amera Strand, MSPAS, PA-C
Clinical Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant: Physician Assistant
IPEX 208
Chris Tobias image
Christopher Tobias, MS, MHA, CHFP, PA-C
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Health Professions: Physician Assistant
Director of Academic Education: Physician Assistant
IPEX, Room 214