Definition of University-Sponsored Travel

"University-sponsored or university-related or university-facilitated travel” means credit-bearing study abroad programs, internships, research, service-learning and volunteer opportunities, conferences, registered student organization activities, student groups affiliated with academic departments and other non-credit-bearing University program (“University Travel”). This includes any travel:

  • In connection with activities for which academic credit is sought, including programs operated through the University’s Center for International Programs, travel as part of a formal academic program or course of study, internship credit, and travel for independent study credit (including retroactive requests for academic credit).
  • For purposes of performance, sporting events, service learning, conferences, meetings, professional development or volunteerism organized by an academic department, a University Registered Student Organization or a student group affiliated with an academic department of the University.
  • For which funding is sought through a University-administered account or a student government-administered account within the University.
  • That requires travel approval through the University’s Travel Manager and Travel Services and/or that requires international health insurance through a University-contracted insurance plan.

Office of General Counsel, 9/30/15