Information for Students

If you are a prospective student, we are so glad that you are considering the addition of an international experience to your college career. We hope that the information contained in these pages — from how to choose the right study abroad program to how to plan and prepare for one — will help guide you through this life-changing process. We are proud to offer our students a variety of enriching academic experiences abroad, including the numerous SJU faculty-led study tours and summer programs and 30+ semester abroad options in 20 countries around the world.

Even more exciting is the number of Saint Joseph's students participating in these programs. During the 2018-2019 academic year, 300 undergraduate SJU students participated in a study abroad experience. We sincerely hope that you will follow in their footsteps. With careful planning, students from any major have the ability to study abroad. You can also check out the SJU Outcomes page to read how study abroad (and other experiential learning opportunities) helped some Saint Joseph's students on the path to their careers.

And if you are a student who has recently returned from studying abroad, welcome back! The section below for returning students (or "Global Hawks" as we call them) will be a good resource as you transition back to life on Hawk Hill.


Choose Your Program

A Saint Joseph's University student stands with her arms open at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

We offer 30+ approved/affiliated semester or year-long study abroad options. Each program is unique and will offer something different in terms of size, academic offerings, housing, student experience, eligibility requirements and cost.

saint joseph's university students abroad during a summer program

We realize that not every student will be able to spend an entire semester or year abroad. Therefore, we offer multiple short-term options, including faculty-led SJU summer programs.

saint joseph's university students during a costa rica study tour

Study tours are semester-long courses taught on Saint Joseph's campus, which combines a short-term period of group travel designed to introduce students to other countries and cultures.

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saint joseph's university students at the temple of heaven in china

Global Hawks

Global Hawks are Saint Joseph's University students who are committed to adding an international, academic experience to their time here at Hawk Hill. They are students who realize the personal, academic and professional advantages that education abroad can provide. 

Returning from Abroad?

  • Check your CIP portal for re-entry resources and guides.
  • Apply to become an official CIP Peer Ambassador or share your time abroad through our annual photo contest.
  • Attend re-entry events on and off-campus. 
  • Research options to go abroad again through the SJU Fellowships Office and on
  • Don't hesitate to reach out to the CIP with any questions or concerns or if you just want to share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you!