Hawk Hill Move-In Map & Directions

Check-in, key distribution, and unloading at Hawk Hill will occur in the parking lots near students' residence halls. Following the directions on the Move-In Map to be directed to your unloading area. 

Be advised that you may be asked to wait in your vehicle until an unloading space becomes available before you are permitted into the lots. We will do our best to keep the traffic flowing so that unloading spaces are available at your appointment time. It is imperative that students and their families adhere to the 45-minute appointment and relocate their vehicle as soon as it is unloaded. To assist with this expectation, while unloading, one person is required to remain with the vehicle at all times.

A limited number of move-in carts will be available for use in LaFarge, Lannon, McShain, Villiger, Rashford, and Merion Gardens, but we cannot guarantee that all students will have access to a cart at their move-in time. Students and families should prepare to bring dollies or hand-tricks to assist them with their move. 


Hawk Hill Move-In Map