Housing Options

Saint Joseph's University offers several on-campus housing options for students. Here, a residence hall is more than just a place to live. It's a safe and comfortable community where you can make friends, socialize and learn from others whose ideas and experiences differ from your own. Explore and familiarize yourself with our residence halls below. 


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First-Year Living Options

First-year students at Saint Joseph's are required to live in University housing, per the residency requirement. Housing options for first-year students include:

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Sophomore Living Options

Sophomores at Saint Joseph's are also required to live in University housing, according to the residency requirement. Housing options for sophomores include: 

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Junior/Senior Exclusive Communities

Juniors and seniors enjoy numerous benefits of on-campus housing including its close proximity to campus, convenient campus transportation, residential parking and the opportunity to have greater independence within the community. Housing options for juniors and seniors include: 

Hogan Hall recovery residence

Other Residential Programs & Options

  • Recovery Residence at Hogan Hall: A unique residential opportunity for Saint Joseph's students who are in active recovery. The Recovery Residence also serves as the centerpiece of Saint Joseph's collegiate recovery program, which offers support for every facet of a student's residential experience. 
  • Residential Learning Communities (RLCs): RLCs are comprised of groups of students who choose to live on the same floor or the same residential area. Learning opportunities are focused on a specific interest, academic area or major. 
  • Gender Inclusive Housing: This housing opportunity allows interested students to live in the same housing unit with other students of their choosing, regardless of sex assigned at birth, gender expression or gender identity.