First-Generation College Students

A first-generation college student refers to an individual whose parents did not earn a four-year college degree. The Office of Student Transitions is excited to offer a network of University partners that are dedicated to supporting first-generation students in their success inside and outside of the classroom. You can also find more resources for first-generation college students on the Center for Inclusion and Diversity's website. 

College Jargon Handbook

Being the first person in your family to attend college is both exciting and challenging.  Here at SJU we offer our first gen students a supportive campus-wide network to assist each step of the way as needed. We invite you to reference the handbook linked below for help defining college terms:

SJU Jargon Handbook


Tri-Alpha Honor Society

The National Honor Society, AAA or Tri-Alpha is a  First Generation Honors Society (Tri-Alpha). This organization aims to enrich the student's college experience at SJU by recognizing achievements, providing support and beneficial resources while giving first gens a sense of community.  Students who participate have the opportunity to network with first-generation scholars in a wide range of disciplines and can connect with employers, graduate schools and a wide range of professionals.  Requirements for this honor society include a 3.2 or higher GPA, a minimum of 30 earned credits and first-generation college student status.

Tri-Alpha Honor Society Information