Support the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations

The Institute's mission to increase knowledge and deepen understanding between Jews and Catholics through shared study takes many forms. These include:

  • Public programs are offered on nearly a monthly basis during the academic year, providing educational and dialogical opportunities for the Jewish and Christian communities in the Greater Philadelphia region. See the Institute's archives for a list of the subjects studied together in the past several years.
  • Regional collaborations with other organizations in the Delaware Valley dedicated to interreligious understanding. These include congregationally-based interactions between churches and synagogues, customized programs for specific needs, and high-school-level dialogues.
  • Consultations and conferences are regularly organized at Saint Joseph's University by the Institute, which bring together experts on Jewish-Christian relations from around the nation and the world. For example, the Institute has hosted the annual conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews and a consultation on "Fulfilling the Promise of a New Relationship," an event where twenty scholars from nine countries studied together major issues in Christian-Jewish relations.
  • Research Projects: The Institute plays a leading role in multi-year international research projects, such as those that led to the publications of "Enabling Dialogue about the Land: A Resource Book for Jews and Christians" and "Christ Jesus and the Jewish People Today: New Explorations of Theological Interrelationships."
  • Team-taught courses in Christian-Jewish relations in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, exploring the history of relations between Jews and Christians, comparing Jewish and Christian theologies, and interpreting the Jewish and Christian Bibles.

Please consider financially supporting our work in these two ways:

1. The Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations Fund

Your gift will enable the Institute's ongoing programming and activities throughout the year. You can make a gift by credit card using this form.

2. The Rev. Donald G. Clifford, S.J., '51 Endowment 

When he died in 2009, Fr. Donald Clifford bequeathed a more than 40-year legacy of leadership, generous spirit and religious sensitivity to the Institute and to the Philadelphia region. To honor his memory and to provide a secure, financial foundation for the Institute that he so passionately directed, Saint Joseph's University has established a memorial endowment to provide financial support for the Institute, thus permanently securing its future. The Memorial Fund has a goal of $1 million. Please contact Becky Hemphill in Saint Joseph's University's Advancement Office for further information at