Room Change Waitlist

You can sign up on the Room Change Waitlist through the following link:

2022-2023 Room Change Waitlist

The waitlist will be available to all rising sophomore, junior and senior students who are interested in a reassignment into a different space. If you have any questions about the room change waitlist, please contact the Office of Residence Life. In the meantime, you can review our room change waitlist tips below.

  • Requests on the waitlist will be processed in the order that they are received based on the availability of vacant spaces. Our office will process requests through July 31 to accommodate as many requests as possible with the available vacancies that exist in our system.
  • On the Request Form, you will have an opportunity to indicate your top 3 preferences for where you would like to be reassigned. You will also be asked for general building and room type preferences, in the event that your top 3 preferences are not available.
  • You may submit a room change as an individual or as a group. If you wish to sign up as a group, one representative may submit a request on behalf of the group. Be advised that complete vacancies in larger occupancy spaces (3-person-7-person) are rare. Individual vacancies in various apartment types are the most common and usually able to be accommodated.
  • If you receive an offer for a room change, you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. Please understand that many room changes will be processed over the summer, so we recommend that you check your email regularly in order to respond to a room change offer. If no response is received, we will offer the space to the next request on the list.
  • A room change offer will include the building location and the occupancy of the space. We will not disclose specific roommate information for a partially occupied space until after a room change has been accepted and processed.
  • Our office will keep you informed of your status on the waitlist. If it is nearing the end of the Room Change Process, we will provide you with an opportunity to update your request.
  • We are usually able to accommodate a majority of the room change requests received, however, our ability to accommodate these requests is based on the availability of spaces and the nature of the requests received. The more flexibility that you express in your request, the more opportunities we have to accommodate it.