LifeBrand Social Media Scanning

Saint Joseph’s University is proud to offer you access to a LifeBrand social media dashboard. LifeBrand makes it possible for students, alumni and other members of our University community to maintain a meaningful digital presence on social media through AI-based technology. 

In a digital age where our tweets, posts, videos and pictures live forever, often forgotten or unnoticed posts on social media accounts can come back to haunt people years down the road – potentially damaging careers, opportunities and reputations.

LifeBrand’s platform offers a solution to this problem by detecting, locating and allowing the user to edit or delete questionable posts from inception on a private dashboard. This dashboard is inaccessible to anyone other than the specific user of the connected social accounts.

With ease, users can keep, edit or delete questionable posts that may not represent who they are today. We believe in social media that supports the reputation, digital footprint and network you want to maintain.

To learn more about how LifeBrand works, watch the video below.

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