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Department of Decision and System Sciences

The Department of Decision and System Sciences is dedicated to equipping students with the relevant skills to succeed in a technology-driven, data-intensive world. Programs focus on technology-related activities that enhance technology use, data transformation and decision making. Graduates go on to work in any discipline where strong technology, analytics and business intelligence skills are needed.

The decision and system sciences department strives to create ethical, socially aware, technology-savvy leaders and problem solvers who contribute to a wide array of professions and professional environments.

The department provides industry-focused programs that prepare students to transform data into actionable knowledge to drive decision-making. Students are discerning in their use of information and are critical thinkers and effective communicators of meaningful analysis.


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Our faculty members are experts in the field of business intelligence and analytics and are eager to help students succeed.

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Supply Chain Management Major and Minor

The DSS Department is happy to announce a new major and minor in Supply Chain Management.  These programs was created by the collective body of the DSS department, leveraging industry experience and the advice of our MSBIA advisory board.

Major to Prepare Students for Jobs in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Saint Joseph’s University offers an undergraduate major (and minor) in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, focusing on the study of computer algorithms that improve through experience. According to a study conducted by, machine learning engineer jobs grew 344% from 2015-2018, with an average base annual salary of $148,000.

How a Saint Joseph's Education Started One Alum on the Path to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Kyle Chalmers '17 discusses how double majoring in Economics and Business Intelligence and Analytics prepared him for the world of entrepreneurship. 

What Other States Can Learn from Iowa’s Caucus Chaos

Ronald Klimberg, Ph.D., professor in the decision and system sciences department, talks about the importance of quality control when it comes to using technology in the election process.

Ethical Data Is the Only Data: SJU’s Approach to Data Ethics in Business

Ethics is at the center of Saint Joseph's Business Intelligence and Analytics students’ curriculum. Students within the business school take three ethics-based courses: Introduction to Information Systems, Business Statistics and Business Analytics.

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Alumni Spotlight

Taher Beawerwala

I attribute my progress from being an intern to an analytics specialist in just under two years solely to the academic education I received during the course of my program. The courses covered relevant topics and dynamic changes happening within organizations and markets, better preparing me to step into the real world."

Taher Beawerwala
Taher Beawerwala '19 (M.S.)

Business Analyst, Amazon

Kayla Cecchine smiles at camera standing in front of Mandeville Hall

In the classroom, I had used Excel and PowerPoint, which created a good foundation for my skills in my co-op role at AmerisourceBergen. Most importantly, the concepts in the classroom taught me to think critically and how to solve problems, which I carried on to my co-op to help with everyday tasks and projects."

Kayla Cecchine smiles at camera standing in front of Mandeville Hall
Kayla Cecchine '20

Account Analyst, Conner Strong & Buckelew

Paige Norris

Professors have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to share it with you. Dr. Mendoza from the DSS department had an IT Auditor from Protiviti speak during one of my classes, which led me to submit an internship application with Protiviti and accept an offer as an Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Consultant."

Paige Norris
Paige Norris '17

Senior Consultant, Protiviti

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