Through the partnership between Saint Joseph's University and Jefferson University, students who are interested in a career in Nursing are offered three academic programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and provides options for students to move directly into the Master’s degree after the BSN portion is completed. The options for SJU students include:

3 + 2 “PACE” option

Students apply to both SJU & Jefferson in their senior year of high school. If admitted to both schools, students spend their first three years at SJU, taking courses toward either a Biology or Interdisciplinary Health Services degree, along with Nursing prerequisites. Students, then, move to Jefferson for two more years to complete their clinical training and professional courses for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The first year of Jefferson courses transfer back to SJU to give students the full complement of courses needed for the SJU degree, and students walk in graduation at SJU with the class in which they started. After the second year at Jefferson, students earn the BSN degree from Jefferson. This is a total of five years for two different Bachelor's degrees. Note that in this option, students accelerate through their SJU course work but take the traditional two years of Nursing training at Jefferson.


4 + 1 “FACT-1 Year” option

This option allows students to complete a traditional four-year program at SJU in any major, as long as they complete the necessary prerequisite Nursing courses for Jefferson. Students, then, apply during their senior year at SJU to Jefferson for a one-year (12 month) accelerated Nursing program. Students complete their Nursing courses and clinical work in one calendar year and not only earn the BSN but also earn 9 credits toward their MSN (Master's) degree, and may then choose to continue into the MSN program. To qualify for this program, students should have at least a 3.2 undergraduate GPA at SJU. 


4 + 2 “FACT-2 Year” option

This program is similar to the FACT-1 Year program described above, except that it allows students to complete their Nursing training in two academic years (during the fall and spring only) at Jefferson. Students earn the BSN as well as 9 credits toward their MSN (Master's) degree, and may then choose to continue into the MSN program. This option is for students who have already earned their Bachelor’s degree and who want to earn a second Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. 

For detailed descriptions of each of these programs along with a list of prerequisite courses, visit Jefferson's Nursing Program website