Fitness and Recreation Center

For today’s students, total wellness is not just a pastime — it is part of who they are. As a Jesuit university, we couldn’t agree more, having long championed the balance of healthy mind, body, and spirit. Saint Joseph’s Hawk Hill campus already features a large fitness and recreation building with a massive footprint. Accordingly, our plan is to renovate that facility by improving and reimagining current spaces, by providing state-of-the-art equipment and transforming the entrance with an easily navigable and fully accessible facility. Construction is anticipated to begin early in 2023.

Fitness and Recreation Center lobby lounge.

Fitness and Recreation Center lobby entrance.

Fitness and Recreation Center multipurpose court.

Fitness and Recreation Center cardio mezzanine.

Fitness and Recreation Center fitness area.

Fitness and Recreation Center cardio area.

Fitness and Recreation Center varsity locker room.

Fitness and Recreation Center exterior lobby entrance.

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Athletics Complex

A fully-integrated and modern home for athletics will provide key facility upgrades for our student-athletes to practice, train and study. Within the Maguire Athletic Center, dedicated basketball practice facilities for the men’s and women’s teams will provide the foundation for competitive recruiting and enhance student-athlete development. Furthermore, the facility improves the experience of nearly 500 student-athletes in each of Saint Joseph’s 20 Division I programs through upgrading an indoor turf field, strength and training facilities, locker rooms, and holistic development through dedicated space for mental and nutritional well-being. Multiple community gathering spaces will provide opportunity for all Saint Joseph’s students to connect and game-day enhancements will build on the most competitive arena in the A-10. This project will be funded entirely through philanthropic support. Learn more about Athletics Complex.

The team locker room is a critical space for building community and culture within each of the intercollegiate programs. Our teams that call the Philadelphia side of campus home - men's and women's soccer, men's and women's lacrosse, and men's and women's cross country and track & field — will each receive updated locker rooms as part of the new Athletic Complex.

Dedicated men's and women's basketball athletic training and practice facilities allow Saint Joseph's to compete with peers when it comes to recruiting and retaining top student-athletes. Separate and identical training facilities reflect the University's commitment to success in both programs. 

Comprehensive student-athlete development facilities — including an indoor turf field, locker rooms, student lounges, and strength and conditioning facilities — will enhance 18 Division I programs and the experience of all Saint Joseph's student-athletes. 

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Kinney Center for
Autism Education & Support

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support has developed a novel, hybrid approach: educating student scholars who leave Saint Joseph’s with unparalleled skills and field experience, as well as making academic contributions through new discovery and research. The Kinney Center is expanding with a renewed emphasis on its core programs but also focusing on transition to adulthood through the groundbreaking ASPIRE program and expanded research. A key to the continued growth and evolution of Kinney is a new facility where research, services, special programs, education and training co-exist and grow.

Rendering of the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support facility.

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Frances M. Maguire Art Museum

The vision for the Frances M. Maguire Art Museum is of a dynamic, modern gallery set within the historic mansion and arboretum, fully integrated with the Saint Joseph’s University campus. The Barnes Arboretum serves as the gateway to the Museum. Inside, the salon galleries will be modernized to allow for flexible, adaptable and dynamic exhibition of art and performance. Equally important is the dynamic programming to be incorporated into the Museum, which will include a rotating exhibition program, space for the University’s permanent art collection and educational programming for community groups and K-12 schools.

Rendering of Barnes Arboretum rotating art gallery.

Rendering of Barnes Arboretum at Saint Joseph's University exterior.

Rendering of Barnes Arboretum Saint Joseph's University balcony.

Rendering of Barnes Arboretum Saint Joseph's University art gallery.

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Campus Infrastructure and Connection

The keystone to activating our connected campus vision for Hawk Hill is a pedestrian underpass. This expansive path will burrow under City Avenue, enabling safe and effective access for the campus community and neighbors.

Rendering of Saint Joseph's University's underpass that goes under City Ave.

Rendering of Saint Joseph's University's underpass from City Ave.

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