Graduate Programs

The Master of Science and Master of Arts in Biology programs at Saint Joseph’s University are designed to provide training in technical and professional skills for students who wish to join the workforce as proficient scientists or for students who desire to pursue a doctoral or professional degree.

male biology student in biodiversity lab at saint joseph's university

Graduate Biology Programs

The M.S. program is a thesis-based, full-time program designed to be completed in two years. The M.A. program is course-based and is designed for full- and part-time students. Current undergraduate students at Saint Joseph's with majors in biology or environmental science may be able to complete a combined 5-year B.A./M.A. or B.S./M.S. degree. 

Students in both programs are required to take both lecture and seminar-style courses. Most lectures also have a lab component. M.S. students must complete a research thesis, while M.A. students have the opportunity to conduct research for credits. 

Graduate students enrolled in a master's or MBA program at another university or college and wish to take graduate-level courses for credit at Saint Joseph's can also apply to be a Visiting Student.

Students who have completed a bachelor's degree but who do not have prerequisite courses for medical, dental or veterinary school can enroll in the post-baccalaureate pre-health certificate program, which can be completed in less than a year. Please contact Liz Gatti, director of transfer and adult admission, for more information.

two graduate students doing research at saint joseph's university

Fields of Study & Research

Faculty members in the Department of Biology teach a wide range of courses, including advanced cell biology, immunology, biochemistry, bacterial pathogenesis, microbiology, neurobiology, physiology, histopathology comparative anatomy, animal behavior and bioinformatics.

M.S. and M.A. students also have the opportunity to conduct research in the fields of cell biology, environmental and molecular microbiology, behavioral genetics, neuroscience and more. The department is well-equipped for teaching and research at the graduate level. Major equipment available includes transmission, scanning and confocal microscopes, tissue culture facilities, an extensive vivarium, and sophisticated plant growth chambers as well as a rooftop greenhouse and experimental green roof.

The following faculty have active research labs and may be open to accepting students for a thesis project (MS students), lab rotations (MS students), or research credits (MA students): Catalina Arango, John Braverman, Shantanu Bhatt, Jonathan Fingerut, Christina King-Smith, Julia Lee-Soety, Edwin Li, Scott McRobert, Bela Peethambaran, Jennifer Tudor, and Clint Springer. Information about their research can be found here.


male graduate biology student at Saint Joseph's biology lab

Financial Assistance

Full-time M.S. students are eligible for master's teaching assistantships (MTAs) that provide a partial tuition scholarship (up to 6 credits per semester), and a stipend for working as a teaching assistant in undergraduate lab courses. To be considered for this scholarship, applications must be received no later than March 1st

Other teaching opportunities may be available to both M.A. and M.S. candidates. Qualified students may find employment as assistants in introductory undergraduate laboratories. Graduate students may also apply to the GeoKids LINKS program, which offers graduate stipends.

Where Are They Now?

Our graduate biology students go on to pursue a wide range of career paths after completing their degree program. Here are a few of our graduates and their success stories. 

Christopher Saul '19 at Saint Joseph's University

Christopher Saul '19 (M.S.)

Christopher Saul '19, from Dr. Matthew Nelson's lab, defended his M.S. thesis in the spring 2019 semester. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biological Science at the University of Delaware. 

courtney wallace

Courtney Wallace '21 (M.S.)

Courtney Wallace '21 (M.S.) did her thesis in Dr. Arango's lab. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Drexel University College of Medicine.

jaime reel

Jaime Reel '21 (M.S.)

Jaime Reel '21 (M.S.) completed her MS thesis in the lab of Dr. Jennifer Tudor. She is currently a Sr. Scientific Project Manager at Discovery Life Sciences.