Academic Integrity Council (AIC)

The Academic Integrity Council (AIC) promotes academic integrity across the university, among students, faculty, and staff. The AIC’s work is preventive in nature and aims to celebrate academic honesty and integrity in all aspects of academia by creating and fostering an environment that supports academic integrity. This includes designing academic courses according to best practices in order to minimize the temptation and opportunities for dishonesty. The council’s work includes publicizing, educating, and promoting the Academic Honesty Policy (student orientation, current and new faculty, consulting with faculty, identifying resources that students use).

Current Council members (2020-2022) include:


  • Jeff Bone
  • Catalina Arango

Faculty representatives

  • Nate Bulthuis (Humanities)
  • Catalina Arango (Natural Sciences)
  • Pat Garrigan (Social Sciences)
  • Ken Weidner (HSB)
  • Nene Okunna (SHSE)

Student representatives:

  • Dana Hungerford (CAS)
  • Jillian Garvey (HSB)
  • Anna Seifert (SHSE)
  • Domenica Pillo (PLS/HDC)
  • Leah Recasner (Graduate)

Constituent representatives

  • Andy Starr (IT)
  • Anne Krakow (Library)
  • Dan McDevitt (Student Success)
  • Jenny Spinner (Writing Center Director)