Financial Aid FAQ’s

1. Which forms do I need to complete for Financial Aid at SJU?

  • The only required form for financial assistance is the FAFSA.
  • Please complete at
  • Enter our school code of 003367.


2. Do you require the Profile?


3. When will I receive my Financial Aid Package from SJU?

Packages are released online within The Nest (our admitted student portal) at the end of March or two weeks after an admission decision for Transfer Students and students entering in the spring semester. 

4. When must I accept the Award Letter?

By May 1 or on a rolling basis for Transfer Students and students entering in the spring semester. You can do this in The Nest, our admitted student portal.

5. Do I need to do an additional application for state grants?

6. What are the main differences between a PLUS loan and an alternative loan?

  • The PLUS loan is in the parents´ name and payment usually starts after the second disbursement. Upon request, payment deferment privileges may be available with some restrictions.
  • The alternative loan is a student loan with a cosigner with repayment starting six months after graduation.

7.  What is Federal work study?

  • Work study positions are typically office jobs on campus.
  • Students will be paid directly by the University every two weeks.
  • Work study funds will not be deducted from your University bill. 
  • You will be notified of job availability via your SJU email about two weeks before the start of the semester if you have accepted work study on your Award Acknowledgement Form with the student portal.
  • Read more about the Federal work study process here.

8. How do I know if I am eligible for work study?

  • Work study eligibility is determined by the FAFSA.
  • If you are eligible, it will appear on your Award package within the student portal.

9. Why is my PHEAA State Grant not appearing on my invoice?

PHEAA State Grants will be credited to accounts aorund the first weeks of the semester. Please refer to the back of your University bill for instructions on pending aid.

10. What is the tuition and room and board at Saint Joseph's University?

11. Is there a way to communicate Special Circumstances and request additional funding from SJU?

  • Saint Joseph's University strives to offer families the best financial aid packages possible within the limitations of federal financial aid funding levels and our institutional student financial aid budget. If you or your parents have experienced loss of income/unemployment, death of a wage earner or significant medical expense not covered by insurance within the past twelve months, please contact your admission and financial aid counselor

For even more detailed information visit  our knowledge base with Hawk Central online. Hawk Central is Saint Joseph's student-focused service center where information and counselors are available to meet with students and families to analyze and assess needs related to student academic records, financial aid, and billing.