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Q&A with New National Alumni Board Leadership

David Lam, BBA ’05, MS ‘07, and Scott Greene, BS ’92, MS ’14, PhD ’21, RPH, will serve two-year terms as president and vice president, respectively.

SJU campus at sunset with the Philadelphia skyline in the background.

Written by: A.J. Litchfield

Published: April 17, 2024

Total reading time: 4 minutes

Over the last few weeks, votes from alumni across the country have been cast in the election for new leadership of the National Alumni Board (NAB). The Saint Joseph’s University Alumni Association has announced David Lam, BBA ’05, MS ’07, as president-elect, and Scott Greene, BS ’92, MS ’14, PhD ’21, RPH, as vice president-elect. 

David Lam, BBA ’05, MS ‘07
David Lam, BBA ’05, MS ‘07

Lam, who previously served as vice president, will replace outgoing NAB president Alessandra “Ali” Corso, BBA ‘19, MBA ‘22.

Both Lam and Greene answered a few questions to offer alumni a glimpse into what to expect under their leadership. 

Q: The Saint Joseph's community is now composed of alumni from three institutions: Saint Joseph’s, University of the Sciences/Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. What do you want these alumni to know about you as a leader of the alumni association?

David Lam: SJU is at the threshold of a new era as a premier institution with the additions of the University of the Sciences and the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. I believe that with my diverse background and strong experience in operations and relationship management, I can help to further advance alumni engagement while continuing to build on the strong foundation put in place by my predecessors.

During the last decade of volunteering at SJU, I have been actively involved with the Barbelin Society, Hawk Ambassadors, the Kinney Center and the SJU alumni dragon boat team; assisting SJU alumni in raising funds for Saint John’s Hospice and serving on the National Alumni Board. As a member of the National Alumni Board for the last six years, I have served with the Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Haub Alumni Council and I am the current vice president.

Scott Greene, BS ’92, MS ’14, PhD ’21, RPH
Scott Greene, BS ’92, MS ’14, PhD ’21, RPH

Scott Greene: I have been serving Saint Joseph’s University, University of the Sciences and the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy as a faculty member and administrator since 2008. I currently serve the University as the assistant dean of experiential programs where I am fortunate to have significant interaction with current students, preceptors and alumni. I strive to teach students and alumni the significance and value of providing service and support to the University. I have extensive experience and service to alumni. I served for nine years as a director of the University of the Sciences Alumni Association and I have been serving as PCP/USciences co-chair for the National Alumni Board at Saint Joseph’s University since the merger. 

I will serve the Alumni Association of Saint Joseph’s University with passion because I have benefited significantly, as have my family, friends and colleagues, from the education and experiences we have been provided by the University. Anything I am able to do to continue in service to the University I find extremely valuable and warranted. 

Q: Why does Saint Joseph’s mean so much to you?

DL: Hawk Hill has been a special place for me since the very first day that I stepped on campus over 20 years ago. In fact, it has been almost a second home to me in that SJU has prepared me to succeed in both my life and my career. I feel the responsibility to give back and contribute to SJU in order to assist future generations of Hawks in the same way that prior generations of Hawk leaders have helped lay the foundation for my success.

SG: While I am proud of my alumni legacy at PCPS/USciences, I have enthusiastically embraced my new Saint Joseph’s University alumni status and have very quickly become a proud SJU alum and Hawk! I appreciate the values and ideals of SJU and found the merger process very welcoming and beneficial for our students and alumni.

Q: What is one thing you hope to accomplish during your term?

DL: I’m looking forward to welcoming and engaging the entire community from the University of the Sciences and the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences while continuing to offer great experiences for all of our alumni base. I will consider an annual and sustainable 10-15% increase in overall alumni engagement and participation to be successful with the goal of reaching over 15,000 participants in the next two years. This can be accomplished by establishing an active pipeline of alumni leaders to lead our various chapters, programs and initiatives.

SG: One thing I hope to accomplish during my term is to increase alumni engagement and to see that the University is benefiting from alumni involvement and the work of the Alumni Association. While the mergers have provided many benefits, there is still a lot of work needed to bring all the alumni together under one University. I think I can play a small part in bringing that to fruition.