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Saint Joseph’s to Launch Doctorate in Business Administration

The part-time, three-year cohorted program is designed for senior executives looking to advance their careers in industry or academia.

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Written by: Diane Holliday

Published: March 28, 2023

Total reading time: 2 minutes

This fall, Saint Joseph’s University’s Haub School of Business will introduce a Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) to its academic portfolio. The practice-focused doctorate program is designed for industry executives and senior management professionals looking to advance their careers and devise innovative solutions to complex, real-world business problems.

With a strong foundation in research, the DBA empowers professionals to improve organizational performance, lead initiatives for change and develop applied research competencies.

“Professionals who graduate with a DBA are able to differentiate themselves from the many MBA-holders in the competitive landscape,” says Joseph DiAngelo Jr., EdD ’70, dean of the Haub School of Business. “By expanding their knowledge and skill sets, they become leading experts in their fields who are primed for C-suite positions.”

Professionals who graduate with a DBA are able to differentiate themselves from the many MBA-holders in the competitive landscape.

Joseph DiAngelo Jr., EdD ’70

Dean, Haub School of Business

The terminal degree also allows those enrolled to contribute to both theory and practice, making the degree desirable to academic professionals or executives looking to transition into full-time, tenure-track and non-tenure-track positions.

“Through direct mentorship from industry-focused faculty at Haub, DBA students will develop individualized research culminating in a dissertation that will contribute to the body of knowledge in their field,” says Deborah Haak, director of Haub’s graduate programs.

The DBA is a three-year, part-time cohorted program offering a hybrid of online instruction and intensive, in-person residencies.

“The residencies are high-level, executive-style opportunities in which students have the opportunity to network not only with other students and faculty, but also with industry leaders,” says Haak.

To learn more and inquire about enrollment, please contact Deborah Haak, director of graduate programs in the Haub School of Business, at