Injury Reporting & Incident Investigation Program

The IRIP program ensures that complete and effective investigations are conducted for work-related and other incidents and near misses that cause, or have the potential to cause injury or illness, significant property damage, or harm to the environment. The process involves root cause analysis to identify unsafe conditions and acts, and the appropriate corrective and preventative actions are taken to minimize or eliminate recurrences. Employee accidents/incidents are reviewed by the Workplace Safety Committee.

Refer to the written IRIP Program for complete procedures on the proper reporting and investigating incidents and near misses:

  1. For Any Emergency, call 911, and Public Safety
    Hawk Hill: X1111(on campus),
    610-660-1111 (cell or off-campus),
    or by picking up the auto-dial red phones or pushing help buttons.

    University City: X7000 (on campus)
    215-596-7000 (cell or off-campus)

    Promptly report to Public Safety any emergency or non-emergency incidents, including safety incidents and injuries, property damage, security concerns, or a need for assistance. Public Safety assists with immediate needs, communications, and transportation for medical care. Public Safety prepares an initial Incident Report, and conducts further investigation as needed.

  2. Report incidents or injuries to your manager/supervisor or faculty person as soon as possible, after immediate medical needs are taken care of.

  3. Work-related Injuries or Illnesses: Employees must contact Human Resources as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours of the incident, to obtain the appropriate Worker’s Compensation instructions and forms at 610-660-3309

  4. For safety incidents and injuries, after immediate medical needs are addressed, meet with your Supervisor to participate in completing the Supervisor’s Accident/Incident Investigation Form which is initially submitted to Public Safety and Human Resources. 

  5. In order to complete an Accident/Incident Form properly the Supervisor must ensure that an investigation is conducted and that corrective actions are taken to prevent recurrences. This should be documented on the form.