Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets, formally called Material Safety Data Sheets, are required by the new Global Harmonization System. The SDS’s are required by OSHA as part of the Hazard Communication Standard. The following procedure will allow access to any Safety Data Sheet (SDS), either from the SJU library or online. You will also be able to add SDS's not included in the SJU library into a database for easy reference. A hard copy should be retained by the department as an alternate for employee use. You may want to save these instructions before proceeding:

  1. Click on the SDS link on the Employee page in the Nest. 
  2. Enter Chemical name at product name and manufacturer (if known) in the top section. Select search. Chemicals in the SJU MSDS library will be displayed. If the MSDS you are seeking is not one shown in the SJU library, enter the product name and manufacturer (if known) in the Search MSDS online section and select search.
  3. If there are no matches with the SJU SDS library and your product description, a message will be displayed with the option to display all matching SDS's online (item #2). Select click here on item #2; this displays all SDS's online meeting the product description.
  4. Access required SDS from SJU or online inventory by selecting adjacent SDS icon. SDS will appear. View and print as required.
  5. To add SDS's to the SJU library:
    1. Go to the previous screen and check the box under “select” adjacent to SDS you wish to add to the SJU library
    2. Click the “add to e-binder” box above select
    3. Fill in the information requested on the next screen. Select a Location that best describes your department
    4. The SDS will be added by the administrator to the SJU library.

For a full user's guide on the MSDSonline system, click on the SDS link on the Employee page in the Nest and scroll down to the footer and click on the button for the Help Center.