Intramural and Club Sports

At Saint Joseph’s, developing your full potential happens inside and outside the classroom. Joining a club or intramural sports team helps you stay fit and embody a sense of fair play. 

Whether you played a sport in high school and want to continue pursuing that passion or you have never played a sport but are challenging yourself in new arenas, all are welcome here.

Get in the Game

a group of students pose with a volleyball on a court

Choose a sport, form a team with your friends and compete on a weekly basis. No practices or travel required -- just show up and play! All games are held on Saint Joseph's facilities on campus. 

A group of rugby players hold up a trophy

If you want a bit more of a challenge, try out for one of our more than 25 club sports. All teams are voluntarily organized by students who elect their own officers, draft their own constitution, request facility space, get approval for and make travel arrangements, schedule contests with other teams, develop contracts with officials, fundraise and manage their budget.

City Six Tournament Logo

The Philadelphia City 6 Extramural Classic invites intramural champions from flag football, volleyball, basketball and softball to compete in three separate divisions (men’s, women’s and co-rec). The City 6 is composed of Drexel University, LaSalle University, Saint Joseph’s University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, and Villanova University.