graduate student in a biodiversity lab


Students and faculty collaborate to confront a broad range of societal issues, from eliminating antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” to studying the role of hair salons in combating domestic violence in immigrant communities.

Research Spotlight

The Impact of Research

Briana Baier ’22 is an athlete and scholar at Saint Joseph's University

The McNulty program has enabled me to pursue my passions of education while providing me with resources such as mentors, leadership workshops, research opportunities, and seminars. All of these things have helped me grow as a student and prepare to enter into my future career with the ability to make an impact."

Briana Baier ’22 is an athlete and scholar at Saint Joseph's University

Briana Brewer '22

computer science major with a minor in philosophy

Elise Brutschea’19, Chemistry, won a national science foundation graduate research fellowship for Ph.D. studies in Physical Chemistry at Harvard University

I have had so many mentors at SJU who have supported and encouraged me. Their support is integral to my success at SJU, especially to my Fellowship Award. I am very grateful to them and have learned so much from each of them.”

Elise smiles in her cap and gown

Elise Bruschea '19

chemistry major

Charles Gallagher '19

The Summer Scholars Program bridges a gap between academic research and classes. There is no teacher to please or syllabus to follow: I have the time to pursue the paths I think are important and take chances on ideas that might be dead ends.”

Charles Gallagher '19

economics major

Faculty in Focus

Our research faculty represents the best and brightest minds in academia. They’re at the top of their game and in demand — but they put their students first. Students work side by side with faculty, benefiting from their vast experience, mentorship and close relationships with industry and the community. 

Stephanie Tryce, Ph.D., in the Barbelin Courtyard

Stephanie Tryce teaches Business of Sports, Sports Law and Sports Marketing. Her research looks at the intersection of law and sports within the frameworks of marketing, civil rights and social justice. She lectures regularly and recently participated in panel discussions on the topics of Title IX and Equality in Sport.

Encarna Rodríguez, Ph.D., in the Barbelin Courtyard

Originally from Spain, Encarna Rodríguez worked as a school psychologist for the ministry of education and worked to pass comprehensive education reform legislation. At Saint Joe’s, she explores the intersection of neoliberalism and curriculum and works with grassroots activists to make urban education more equitable and community grounded.

Ernest Baskin, Ph.D., in Mandeville Hall

An expert in consumer behavior and marketing research, Ernest Baskin studies how consumers’ judgments and biases impact their purchasing decisions. His research has been covered by major media outlets, and he frequently appears as a guest expert on TV and radio.

We Pull Out All the Stops

The Office of Research Services helps faculty, staff and students navigate the entire research life cycle, from finding funding to managing awards to overseeing regulatory compliance.