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Completed Projects

As the ambitious master plan continues for Saint Joseph's University, here are projects that have been completed to support our Jesuit mission, our commitment to experiential learning spaces, our appreciation for community and our immense Hawk pride.



To accommodate foundational scientific learning, Saint Joseph’s fully renovated two laboratories in the Hawk Hill Science Center in the summer of 2023 to accommodate additional first-year students. Beginning in the fall of 2023, all first-year housing and coursework re-located to the Hawk Hill campus. The undergraduate experience will fully transition to Hawk Hill over the next few years. 

New cabinets, tables and surfaces opened up capacity for more students and modernized the laboratories. 

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Campion Dining Remodel

Campion Dining Hall is undergoing a complete remodel with a new and expanded seating area, modern amenities and aesthetics. An architect and design team worked with students on program offerings and seating design. Construction is active now and will be complete for students’ return for the fall semester of 2023.

In addition, the Post learning commons P.O.D. express in the Drexel Library will be converted to a 24-hour convenience market called Quick Eats. Quick Eats offers expanded convenience, hours of operation and a variety of products.

Campion Dining Hall underwent a complete remodel with new and expanded seating area, modern amenities and aesthetics. An architect and design team worked with students on program offerings and seating design. 

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Arrupe Hall

Many Jesuits enrich academic and campus life as the sponsoring apostolic community of Saint Joseph’s University. Therefore, the University partnered with the Jesuit East Province to bring a new Jesuit residence to campus, Arrupe Hall. The newly opened residence, located in the heart of campus on Lapsley Lane, allows Jesuits from Saint Joseph’s and other Philadelphia locations to live and work together in a collaborative, active ministry. Arrupe Hall builds upon the University’s strong Jesuit identity and tradition, and is designed to be a hub of activity for the Jesuit community, providing new academic, sacramental and pastoral opportunities on campus. Construction was funded by the Province on land provided by Saint Joseph’s. The Jesuit community moved into their new home in April of 2021.

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Frances M. Maguire Art Museum

In 2018, Saint Joseph’s University and the Barnes Foundation launched an educational partnership expanding opportunities for students and the surrounding community to engage in horticulture education and the arts. Named for long-term devotee of the arts and education, the Frances M. Maguire Art Museum was renovated to enhance learning spaces and accessibility for arts education, programming and fine arts exhibits. The project was fully funded through philanthropy and opened to the public in 2023. Many elements of the building refresh include accessibility additions from the ramp at the entrance, to the lighting, to the art identification placards.



The newly preserved and refreshed space, which formerly housed the Barnes collection from 1925 to 2011, is now reactivated as an accessible, educational space for both the University campus and broader community. The Maguire Art Museum is able to actively display over 500 pieces of art concurrently, creating a place to rotate the University’s 2,500-piece permanent collection. 

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