Saint Joseph's Mobile

Introducing SJU Mobile

SJU Mobile delivers all-new, instant access to Saint Joseph’s University. Whether you are a student, campus visitor, or sports fan, get all the information you need in one place through SJU Mobile.

Features include:

  • Athletics - Keep up to date with all Hawks news, schedules and scores
  • Courses - Full access to your Blackboard courses
  • Dining - Browse today’s cafe menu, or order directly from your phone
  • Emergency - Access emergency contact information and file reports
  • Events - Find out what’s happening on Hawk Hill
  • Maps and Directions - Get directions from one point on campus to another
  • Social - Follow several different University social media accounts in one place
  • Transit - Track the University shuttles in real-time
  • What’s Open When - See what’s open around campus right now

The Hawk Will Never Die!

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