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A Jesuit Catholic university located in the city of Philadelphia and the Main Line, Saint Joseph’s University provides a demanding, yet supportive, educational experience with a philosophy that has endured since 1851. Our mission is to prepare you for personal excellence, professional success and engaged citizenship.


Academic programs, including 150+ undergraduate majors and minors to choose from.


Of our tenure-track faculty who hold terminal degrees. They're not just experienced in their fields — they are leading them.


In government research funding, driving knowledge and innovation in numerous fields — from the biomedical sciences to the humanities.


Proud alumni across the world, who root for and give back to our community.

Saint Joseph's Rankings


Aerial view of Barbelin on Saint Joseph's University's campus

Saint Joseph's University is among the best regional universities in the North (Top 10 in 2023), according to U.S. News & World Report. This is the fourth consecutive year the University has been ranked in the top 10 in its category by U.S. News, a recognized leader in college rankings.

Other highlights include:

Aerial view of Saint Joseph's campus on Hawk Hill in Philadelphia

Saint Joseph's has also been recognized in the following rankings:



The University Seal

The University crest is an emblem, which references the history and founding of the Jesuit order (the Society of Jesus) by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. It also contains iconography symbolic of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of the University. This crest is featured in the official University seal. It was originally designed in 1903 and was recently adjusted. The graphic icons in the image, rendered in shapes and lines, were simplified to give the seal a crisp appearance in small-scale reproductions.

On August 25, 2023, Saint Joseph's University revealed an updated version of the Hawk mascot on social media. Along with the customary brown tail and legs, The Hawk features a new-look wingspan that showcases the iconic flapping, along with a vivid and photogenic face.

The Hawk Mascot

Saint Joseph's mascot, the Hawk, has been flapping its wings since 1956 as one of the most decorated mascots in college sports. Recognized over the years by ESPN College Basketball Magazine, Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News as a top college mascot, the Hawk represents the University battle cry "The Hawk Will Never Die," by flapping its wings nonstop (even during halftime) throughout every basketball game.


Crimson & Gray

According to tradition, Saint Joseph's University's colors, crimson and gray, were adopted in the 1890s when a young seminarian leading a pep rally saw the two colors on a book he was holding in his hand and, thinking they looked attractive together, announced that they would be the school colors. Today, crimson and gray signify our vibrancy, passion and steadfast tradition.

The University At a Glance


Undergraduate stats (2021-2022):

First-year acceptance rate83%
First-year to sophomore retention rate89% (10% higher than the national average)
Six-year undergraduate graduation rate83% (19% above national average)
Student representation46 states, 57 nations