Reflection and Action

It's a Jesuit principle that's over 500 years old — placing equal weight on reflection or deep thought and action. In this spirit, at Saint Joseph’s, we believe that students benefit most when given a broad spectrum of learning opportunities — traditional and hands-on, in the classroom and out in the world. We offer a variety of experiential learning opportunities from professional internships, co-ops and study abroad immersions to meaningful spiritual and service commitments. No matter your major or interests, you will find exciting ways to build a college career that will prepare you for personal and professional success.



Experiential Learning

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Service-Learning courses offer the opportunity to engage meaningfully with underrepresented populations and local communities, then return to the classroom, where you’ll be challenged to re-form your attitudes and assumptions. 

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We encourage you to take on an internship (or a few) while pursuing your degree. The Career Center helps health and education majors find student teaching and clinical placements. Meanwhile, our Co-op Program offers arts and sciences and business students two full-time, paid work opportunities — a full year of job experience — before you graduate.

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At Saint Joseph’s, undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate in hands-on research through an individual academic department or one of our interdisciplinary research centers.

Getting More Out of
Study Abroad

Many of our study abroad programs include experiential learning opportunities such as volunteer work and internships. 


Taking classes in Asian Politics and Computer Engineering at the same time allowed me to make connections between the two spheres of interest I love the most: technology and Asia. On top of that, through my co-op working at SAP, I was able to apply this cross-disciplinary learning as I worked with technology with coworkers in Asia; truly the best of both worlds!"

Anna-Maria Berezovski ’21

computer science and Asian studies double major

Briana Baier ’22 is an athlete and scholar at Saint Joseph's University

The McNulty program has enabled me to pursue my passions of education while providing me with resources such as mentors, leadership workshops, research opportunities, and seminars. All of these things have helped me grow as a student and prepare to enter into my future career with the ability to make an impact."

Briana Baier ’22 is an athlete and scholar at Saint Joseph's University
Briana Baier ’22

computer science major with philosophy minor

Dewey Bunch '22 is a double major undergraduate student studying food marketing and leadership.

My professors and everyone I have worked with at the Academy of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's have pushed me to reach for new limits and provided me with opportunities for tremendous professional development and career growth."

Dewey Bunch '22 is a double major undergraduate student studying food marketing and leadership.
Dewey Bunch ’22

food marketing and leadership, ethics, and organizational sustainability double major with business intelligence & analytics minor