Related Programs

An English degree from Saint Joseph’s University offers excellent training for a broad range of careers, from public relations to teaching to journalism and beyond. Employers continue to seek talented and articulate individuals who can analyze complex situations, and a degree in English will teach you how to write both creatively and persuasively. 

The history program at Saint Joseph’s University encourages students to become researchers, critical thinkers, clear writers and historically aware global citizens. Through coursework, students develop an understanding of the political, cultural and institutional advances that have shaped the world.

Theology majors acquire and hone tools for critical analysis of the Bible, key doctrines, including those concerning Jesus Christ, Church and tradition history and religious authority. The program also includes the study of ethics, including personal and communal morality, as well as the importance of interfaith relations. All majors in the humanities also acquire important skills that are essential in any career: how to distinguish truth from conspiracy theory; how to read carefully; how to write effectively; how to think creatively; how to formulate evidence-driven arguments; and how to speak persuasively.