Business Intelligence and Analytics B.B.A.

A degree in Business Intelligence & Analytics from the Haub Degree Completion Program at Saint Joseph's University equips adult students with the practical technology skills needed to be successful in today’s business world.

Business Intelligence & Analytics involves the study and interpretation of data to identify business trends. The BIA program educates students on software tools that sort various types of data ranging from customer preferences to sales trends.

Because the Business Intelligence & Analytics program is not industry-specific, SJU graduates are highly sought after as a result of their ability to work in a variety of fields. Students may monitor blogs, social media and newspaper articles to present their companies with critical information about consumer sentiment. Other opportunities may include working using Business Intelligence & Analytics software to identify and avoid potential threats. Students might also use BI software to track census data and make decisions on where to build new franchises.

To thrive in today's business world, employees must rapidly make complex decisions to uncover the strongest information for their customers. Business Intelligence & Analytics graduates offer employers great potential and new profitable discoveries.