Finance B.B.A.

Finance majors explore in great depth the current financial practices of both organizations and individuals, and learn to handle these practices in an ever-changing marketplace. The breadth of knowledge instilled in SJU’s Finance majors is vast, ensuring the understanding of the financial function in business and the management of assets and liabilities.

Of the many resources available to Finance majors at Saint Joseph’s, perhaps the most notable is the Wall Street Trading Room, located in Mandeville Hall. The room provides access to electronic sources of financial and investment data, analytical tools and trading simulations. Thus, classes are able to work more effectively, with hands-on learning and enhancements to curriculum. The trading simulations provide for real-life experiences, and the continuous access to financial data/software creates an integrated learning environment.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance through the Haub School's Degree Completion Program prepares students for careers with banking institutions, finance departments of business enterprises, insurance companies, and investment companies, while providing the flexibility to take evening, day and online coursework from an AACSB-accredited university.

Please note that this degree program cannot be completed entirely online, though many of our non-major courses can be. Students may be required to take some daytime courses on campus for this major.