Health Administration BLS

Health care is a complex, multi-faceted industry. From practitioners to patients, policies to paperwork — administrators are an integral part of ensuring the survival of health care organizations and maintaining vital communities as a result. The health administration major empowers professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to enact change both in their organizations and beyond with the convenience of flexible scheduling. 

Classes cover various areas of health administration, such as health care law and ethics, health policy and global health disparities. This industry-focused coursework better equips students for the workplace. The program also addresses organizational leadership, which is immediately applicable to professionals in the field through insights regarding leadership and relationships throughout an organization and teamwork. 

The major builds on foundational coursework in biology, history, philosophy and economics, equipping graduates to be well-informed leaders in health care. The health administration program culminates in a professional capstone practicum and seminar in the health care field, providing real world, hands-on experience for each student. 

Over 86% of Saint Joseph’s University Professional and Liberal Studies and Haub Degree Completion Graduates were employed full-time at the date of graduation. Whereas, 3% of the Professional and Liberal Studies class of 2017 have chosen to further their education by attending graduate school on a full-time basis while 6% have decided to delay their job search.

“I most enjoyed the lasting relationships that I have built with both my professors and fellow students. I now have such an amazing network of people who are always willing to lend a helping hand. Not only do the professors prepare you educationally but they help to develop you professionally. They are always available to offer words of encouragement or advice.”  Shurl Harris