International Business B.B.A.

The face of business is always changing. For professionals, a growing knowledge of foreign affairs is becoming crucial. For marketers, what is popular in the United States is quite different from that in Spain or Japan. For financiers, working with conversions from dollars to Euros is necessary in many instances.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration in international business, adult students build upon their previous experiences with knowledge of the business world while learning the necessary skills to succeed in today’s global economy. SJU’s Haub School of Business offers courses in international marketing, finance and management to develop an international business program that is interdisciplinary in nature. Students enroll in a variety of courses exploring the global dimensions of business, as well as other courses in language in the College of Arts and Sciences, providing knowledge about other countries and cultures.

SJU students in the Haub School’s Degree Completion Program learn more than the basics from a textbook and are provided with a range of course offerings available during the day or evening with real-world experiences, practical applications and a strong foundation in the liberal arts, graduates are equipped with the global perspective and industry context to make an impact beyond the boardroom.

International business graduates move on to work with multinational corporations, international financial institutions or with other organizations embedded in the international environment. Combining their professional experience with the skills acquired at SJU, they may have the opportunity to participate in overseas assignments after a few years with a company. After completing the international business program, students may also pursue a graduate degree, including the Master of Marketing program with a concentration in International Marketing at SJU or other graduate programs in a wide range of fields. 

Please note that this degree program cannot be completed entirely online, though many of our non-major courses can be. Students may be required to take some daytime courses on campus for this major.