Sports Marketing B.B.A.

Philadelphia is a city that loves its sports teams, and that passion makes Saint Joseph’s University an exciting place to study sports marketing. A strong foundation in marketing blended with a healthy appreciation for sports culture and industry makes up our unique program. Sports marketing students gain insider knowledge from professionals as they delve into this growing field. Our courses integrate ethics, leadership and business basics to give our students a well-rounded understanding of what to expect in this growing industry.

Saint Joseph’s Sports Marketing courses are taught by industry experts and professionals who offer a dash of real-world experience to theory. These professors are sports analysts, CEOs and everything in-between. They are trailblazers and leaders in the field of sports marketing. Our classes are designed to fit into your busy life and are offered during the daytime, evenings or online so our students can build schedules that fit their needs.

From managing a franchise to the ins and outs of sports law, the Sports Marketing program offers a diverse array of classes that help our graduates succeed in all aspects of the sports marketing field.

Please note that this degree program cannot be completed entirely online, though many of our non-major courses can be. Students may be required to take some daytime courses on campus for this major. Over 86% of Saint Joseph’s University Professional and Liberal Studies and Haub Degree Completion Graduates were employed full-time at the date of graduation. Whereas, 3% of the Professional and Liberal Studies class of 2017 have chosen to further their education by attending graduate school on a full-time basis while 6% have decided to delay their job search.