Co-op Program

Students at Saint Joseph’s University know that the classroom can only take them so far when it comes to preparing for the workplace. Through Co-op, Hawks from all business majors can find ways to apply their studies in a professional setting before they graduate. For more information about the co-op program from a student or employer perspective, check out our comprehensive Co-Op site.

Gain Real Work Experience

The Co-op program at SJU unites the classroom and the workplace by giving students two full-time, paid work opportunities, creating one full year of job experience while they are still in college. By participating in Co-op, students are exposed to job opportunities that are educationally enriching and professionally meaningful.

Graduate in Four Years

SJU's format allows students to graduate in four years, even while earning one year of valuable work experience. The first Co-op experience takes place during the fall of the sophomore year and the second takes place from January to the summer just prior to the senior year.

Available to a Variety of Majors

The Co-op Program is operated within the Haub School of Business. It is open to any student majoring in a business field, including students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have a double major in a business field. Majors include:

Accounting Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability
Business Administration Managing Human Capital
Business Intelligence Marketing
Family Business and Entrepreneurship Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
Finance Risk Management and Insurance
Food Marketing* Sports Marketing
International Business College of Arts & Sciences / HSB double majors

*Food Marketing students can also participate in co-op through partnerships in that department.