Italian Major


Home of the political and religious center of Western civilization, a founding member of the European Union and renowned for its visual arts, literature and theater, Italy has always been a hub of history and culture. From the Vatican to Versace, Italian influence can be felt anywhere on the globe.

The Italian major consists of 10 courses in Italian language, literature and culture. All 10 courses must be conducted in Italian. Small classes, multimedia classrooms and learning resources such as the language lab and writing center support Italian majors in achieving fluency and success. Interactive and experiential learning is emphasized. Internships, study abroad opportunities, events on campus and in the city - Philadelphia is rich in Italian culture - all contribute to making SJU a great place to learn about Italian language and culture.

Italian majors are encouraged to participate in experiential learning by engaging in internships. studying abroad or taking summer courses in several cultural and historical centers of Italy. In their junior year, majors have the opportunity to spend a semester or year living and learning in Rome or Florence; additional summer study options in Venice and Tuscany are also available.

By focusing on full language immersion, graduates are prepared to work in art, business, education (through teacher certification), finance, government journalism, international relations and music. The Italian major also prepares students to pursue graduate study in fields including, but not limited to: international relations, law, and advanced work in the humanities.