Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Studies Minor

Medieval Renaissance, and Reformation Studies offers an interdisciplinary look at the development of Western civilization through the lens of the Medieval Renaissance, and Reformation periods. During that time, academic disciplines were not as strictly divided as they are today; it was common for someone studying science to be well versed in poetry, or for an artist to be educated in political or religious ideas.

At Saint Joseph's, students who minor in Medieval Renaissance, and Reformation studies are encouraged to choose elective courses that focus on the history, literature, thought and institutions of the Medieval and Renaissance Periods. By combining coursework from different disciplines, students gain a broader understanding of the formation of the art, culture, science and theology of the periods and how they impact the world we know today.

Medieval Renaissance, and Reformation Studies minors leave Saint Joseph's with a thorough understanding of the origins of their own and others' disciplines, an appreciation for history and culture and the analytic and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in many academic and career paths.