Jesuits at SJU

As members of the founding society of Saint Joseph’s University, the Jesuit priests who work and reside on our campus are integral to the daily life of the University, advancement of our mission and preservation of our history.

As administrators, professors, Mass celebrants and spiritual mentors, there are numerous Jesuits actively serving our students, faculty, staff, alumni and families. Those who are retired often assist local parishes on weekends or serve as chaplains at convents and retreat houses in local communities.

Most Jesuits at SJU reside at Loyola Center, the main community residence, while several men are assigned to a nearby smaller home.  A number are ministers of the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the steady stream of those who come to Loyola Center for confession.

About the Jesuit Community at Saint Joseph’s:

  • 45 Jesuits reside in community at Saint Joseph’s (2016-2017)
  • 15 work as full or part-time faculty and staff of the University
  • 15 Jesuits reside in Manresa Hall, praying for the Church and the Society of Jesus in a setting where nursing care is available for those seriously ill.
  • 6 visiting Jesuits from countries throughout the world reside in the community each year while enrolled in intensive English language studies
  • 1 visiting Jesuit scholar fulfilling the role of McLean Chair shares their unique talents and experience with the University community each year