Sociology Major

Humans are social beings by nature. Though each person is considered individual, group life and social interactions affect and define our development. Larger social forces determine the norms of societies, the roles each person plays in that society, and the expectations each individual is to meet. To answer some of the most pressing questions in our communities, understanding what social forces are at play is integral.

Sociology majors seek answers to questions about poverty's pervasiveness, the prevalence of teen pregnancy, the behavior of college students, the accessibility of social mobility and causes of crime or cult behavior, to name a few. At Saint Joseph's, students learn to analyze and assess human behavior and its impact on group dynamics. The sociology department is comprised of expert teachers and active researchers, all working to understand society and make positive, practical applications of their findings. As majors, sociology students have the benefit of service learning courses that expose them to serious social problems, internships to gain hands-on experience and opportunities to serve as Summer Scholar research assistants to faculty members. Sociology majors go on to work in law, government, public service, criminology, research, community and nonprofit organizations, and at think tanks.