Creative Writing Minor

The creative writing minor prepares students to tell stories that matter by helping them develop an array of narrative techniques in multiple genres including fiction, poetry, screenwriting, magazine writing, food writing and personal memoir.

The introductory level courses provide opportunities to practice writing in a variety of genres, while upper-division courses concentrate on particular forms, including poetry, short fiction, the novel, young adult fiction and various forms of non-fiction from personal blogs to long-form journalism.  All creative-writing courses are workshop-based, providing opportunities for aspiring writers to actively engage in drafting and revision with the goal of producing writing of publishable quality.

Advanced students often pursue longer projects through faculty-mentored independent study and Honors theses to generate a portfolio of finished work appropriate for applying to M.F.A. programs.  Our faculty are committed to helping students achieve publication, but the skills and knowledge gained through creative writing courses and internships often lead to careers in publishing, editing, marketing and public relations, and related fields.