Justice and Ethics in the Law Minor

From local law enforcement to landmark Supreme Court decisions, issues of law and justice are prevalent in civic life. At Saint Joseph’s University, the justice and ethics in the law minor puts this relationship with the legal system into perspective as it emphasizes the ethical, corporate, social and political structures that underlie the law.

This interdisciplinary minor examines how justice is defined in legal regimes, both nationally and globally, as well as the ethical issues raised by legal procedures, conflicting rights, and the making — and maintaining — of constitutions. Students take courses in legal reasoning and ethics, offered in both the Haub School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. The self-designed nature of the program allows students to integrate issues of justice into his or her major area of study.

The minor encourages students to develop a commitment to serving others and promoting justice as they reflect on issues of law and ethics in their coursework. The program complements the University’s mission of engaged citizenship as well as its commitment to serving the community outside of the classroom. Experiential learning courses are available through the service-learning and the Inside-Out Prison Exchange programs, as well as internships that deal with law, ethics and justice in a variety of disciplines.

Each year, one graduating JEL minor receives the $500 SJU Law Alumni Award based on a combination of courses, service work, independent research, activism, and/or leadership contribution to ethics and justice in the law.